It is often said that success has many parents, while failure is an orphan. This is true for UGG boots, which are a favorite style of boots for over a decade today. Although their origins have been disputed, we all understand that they have been manufactured in Australia or New Zealand. If you want to get ugg fashion shoes then you may search online.

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In reality, UGG-style boot manufacturers in the states were embroiled in bitter disputes with the American firm that owns the UGG trademark. The locals claimed that "UGG" was a standard term and therefore not eligible for trademark protection. Who was right? Time to take a little time to inspect the puzzling history of the UGGs.

What's in a title?

If you want to follow the background of something, it is often best to start using its etymology. What are the sources of this word UGG? Whenever some conjecture that it is just a shorter, catchier approach to saying horrible, there is considerable evidence that UGG boots have been called fug boots.

A small company called Blue Mountains UGG Boots started manufacturing the new design in the early 1930s, and by the 1950s there were many UGG manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. One of the reasons local businesses say they should have the ability to use the term UGG to market their brands is that the term appears to be standard.