A vehicle valuation is a documented estimate of the current value of a vehicle based on its condition, history and current market trends.

Judgments are usually made when buying, selling or insuring a vehicle, as well as by collectors and hobbyists. You can download top-quality mobile car appraisal software through https://appraisee.ie/ which will give you estimates to determine the value of a donation tax, real estate case, or post-accident litigation.

Let's see how vehicle appraisal works to help dealers succeed!

Used or new car inventory management is one of the first challenges for dealers. The vehicle rating platform helps build a solid inventory with detailed reliability ratings and vehicle history reports for your customers.

This takes the guesswork out of determining the value of a car! This allows you to sell a car that has passed a quick but effective quality check.

Vehicle appraisals or inspection reports also allow dealers to have a clearer pricing strategy. You can find out the exact price of each car based on the current market price from the vehicle valuation.

Dealers often leave the evaluation to the customer themselves, most customers do not appreciate this, especially those who are new to the resale or car sales market.

Customers love online vehicle evaluations and fair evaluations, backed up by current market data. As a result, they will check offers and trade or resell with your dealer.