At XPEL, they are not only business people, they are also enthusiastic. In everything they do, they put quality and reputation first and have been doing so since 1997. Their worldwide network of installers is staffed by the most competent and highly trained technicians.

The products they offer are thoroughly tested and proven to be effective in the harshest conditions while maintaining their best appearance. That's why we believe the XPEL paint protection film is the only thing between you and the open road. You can also look for the top XPEL paint protection film via an online source.

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If you want to add the XPEL brand to your company and disconnect from the XPEL installation network, you can sign up for one of the training courses.

The thermo-activated self-healing topcoat – Ultimate Plus PPF made of polyurethane elastomer heals minor scratches and swirl marks by applying mild heat to the surface of the film itself.

No yellowing – XPEL's patented film formula does not turn yellow from ultraviolet light, making protected areas virtually invisible.

Color Change and Stain Resistance – Don't worry about specs, smudges, or stains from contaminants. Ultimate Plus resists smudges and maintains clarity in the toughest conditions.

Prevents wear – Stops scale, nicks, and scratches on paint and keeps your car looking as good as the day it left the batch.

Mirror-like coating – Protection should not differ from the factory paint.