Hatha Yoga – The ancient program for balance, harmony and purification. Hatha Yoga originated in India in the 15th century as part of a body cleansing program that included meditation. Hatha is the Hindu word for "sun" and while "yoga" is the word for "yoke" or the union of body, mind and environment, there is harmony with earth, water, sun and moon.

Cultivate yourself through Hatha Yoga

In asanas, also known as "sun sign", movements are performed and practiced that rely on focused mental concentration for maximum benefit. You can look upon here the Hatha yoga practitioners discover a new sense of physical balance and strength through the consistent use of asanas. 

Benefits of hatha yoga

The benefits of hatha yoga are a sense of wholeness and general good health. Through the balance of mind and body achieved through Hatha Yoga, new harmony develops from within and thus allows the individual to experience less stress and tension. However, adaptability to the hatha yoga lifestyle is relatively easy due to the simplicity of the basics.

Meditation and hatha yoga

Meditation is an element of almost all religions, holistic programs, and cultural lifestyles. Meditation is also one of the oldest forms of self-recognition. The discovery of a wealth of knowledge, ideas and inspiration in the subconscious is often obliterated by details stored in the conscious mind. 

Hatha yoga class for all ages

Teaching children from an early age to adapt to a holistic program of Hatha Yoga creates a constant direction for mental stability and good physical health. This is also the best time to practice hatha yoga.