The advantages of a solar hot-water system are greater than the initial cost to purchase the device. However, given the situation of our planet as well as the impending shortage in fossil fuels the expected increase in their costs, and the accessibility of modern, affordable technology solar panels make the most sensible option for heating space and water. 

Below is a table that lists the benefits of buying #1 solar hot water systems in Sri Lanka.

Guide to Solar Water Heaters - 5 things to know (2022) - EcoWatch

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1. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. It is generally accepted that the current level of fossil fuels will not be sufficient to meet our energy requirements for long. 

This is the reason behind switching towards more reliable resources of power that will be able to support the population of the world in the coming years. The sun's energy is a resource that can be harnessed and utilized however it will remain an inexhaustible energy source.

2. Solar energy is a clean source of energy. One of the advantages of a solar hot water system is the absence of emission of greenhouse gases. Although many claims that sunlight's energy doesn't leave a carbon footprint, some argue that the technologies employed to make solar panels and accessories do not align with the green movement. 

It is an issue to think about, but keep in mind that with proper diligence the solar water heaters could last for as long as 30 years. Its accumulation of waste won't be as significant if contrasted with the trash that is generated by shorter-lived appliances such as electric and gas water heaters.

3. Solar energy is a free source of energy. The advantages of a solar hot water system can not be expressed in dollars, but this is among the many advantages of solar power: it is almost free. The homeowners are responsible to convert the sun's energy into energy usable in their homes.

Hence, solar panels were generally expensive. (Although recent market trends suggest that a growing need for solar panels will likely bring their costs down to a level that households can afford.) After the expense of a solar water heater is been paid off, homeowners have hot water almost absolutely free.