A great way to make a living is to become a dental nurse. While you will focus on your oral health, each patient requires different treatments and procedures.

As a Dental Nurse, you will be providing exceptional service with a team of dental professionals. As a Dental Nurse, your role will include supporting the patient and assisting with any medical procedures.

If you are interested in dental nursing, then you can also study a dental nurse course online.

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Dental practices can cause anxiety for many people, so it is important that dental nurses offer emotional support. You will need to be compassionate and able to work under pressure.

You can find work as a Dental Nurse in both public and private healthcare systems across the world. You could work in a hospital, community, or dental office. Your training as a Dental Nurse doesn't end there. After you are certified, you can go on to other positions in dentistry.

You can become a Dental Practice Manager or Dental Hygienist with further training. There is plenty of growth potential if you are ambitious and driven.

Roles and Responsibilities-

There will be many aspects of your job as a Dental Nurse wherever you are. However, some roles and responsibilities for Dental Nurses are more common in certain workplaces than others. 

The following core responsibilities will make up a normal workday for a dental nurse:

  • Preparing fillings or other materials
  • Provide support and reassurance for the patient
  • Sterilizing instruments
  • Filing x-rays
  • Cleaning and tidying the dental surgery
  • Information about patients can be recorded and filed
  • Patients are being urged to practice good oral hygiene
  • Stock control
  • Other than these, the job description of a Dental Nurse can change depending on where you work.