Mid-stay is a type of extended stay hotel that falls between the short-term and long-term categories. These hotels generally have a three to twelve month occupancy, making them a popular option for business travelers, families, and tourists. 

The benefits of choosing a Middle stay hotel include the convenience of being able to pack and leave only what you need instead of packing your entire house, the ability to economize on your travel budget by staying in one place for an extended period of time, and the added peace of mind that you will be close to all your important destinations. 

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There are many factors to consider when selecting a mid-stay hotel. The size of the room, the amenities offered, and location are all important considerations. It is also important to research the specific mid-stay hotel you are considering in order to make sure that it meets your needs. 

There are four general categories of mid-stay hotels. These include full service hotels, limited service hotels, membership clubs, and cruise lines. The first category consists of full service hotels that provide the same services as larger hotels, including room cleaning and linen change. 

Limited service mid-stay hotels typically have fewer amenities and are more expensive than the other types of mid-stay hotels. Membership clubs consist of travelers who rent a private room or suite for a fee for a certain period of time depending on the length of their stay.