The best classical statues of women embody classic beauty and grace. They should be tall with statuesque figures, and their features should be classical and serene.

Their clothing should be elegant and appropriate for the era they are from, and they should have a blank expression on their faces.  You can easily find the SculptHER Collection online.

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A statue is a lifelike representation of a person, and the best classical statues of women embody classic beauty and grace.

How are these statues viewed today?

Today, many people view classical statues of women in a different light than when they were first made. Some feminists see these sculptures as symbols of oppression and see them as examples of why women are not treated equally in the world today.

Others view the statues as beautiful works of art that celebrate femininity. A major theme in Ancient Greek art was the idealization of male beauty and male physical perfection. Classical statues almost always portrayed men as muscular, tall, and strong.

The main subjects of art were either Zeus or Apollo; other gods such as Poseidon and Ares appeared occasionally. Men who died in battle were often portrayed as heroes, as well.

The Greeks took great pains to portray their gods and heroes looking good – fit, healthy, and handsome. Muscles are emphasized in many sculptures because they were seen as a sign of strength rather than a sign of weakness.

Sculptors followed the same conventions when portraying women because they viewed them as part of society's upper class.